This band not only deserves recognition, it demands it. I was lucky enough to be front row at a concert and the first note they played got my complete undivided attention. This seven man power house band is a force to be reckoned with. While using an array of instruments, they manage to produce a sound that transcends one back to the Golden Age of the 50's & 60's when music had a sort of dignity to it. I almost forgot I was standing/dancing in a smallish venue in Holland 'cuz it might as well have been in Memphis.

These guys are a joy to watch and listen to. They played a range of tracks off their new LP With Skin Attached. Use Me is also included. I love its edginess and rock-'n-roll vibe. Guitarist Paul Willemsen made me think of Chuck Berry's Johnny Be Goode, so that just goes to show their calliber. Frontman Onno Smit gives off a sound that oozes sultryness, like with the R&B track Hips. And with lyrics like: “Dim the lights and lift your skirt…let it all hang out” you know he means business.

All in all, this band is one to watch and mark my words. It won't be long 'till they're sharing center stage with some of the greats and you'll be amazed that they're just a bunch of down to earth guys from one of the smallest countries. Which means Holland will soon be known for windmills, clogs  and great R&B. Go figure!

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