Music is my passion. I enjoy making/posting/updating playlists on Spotify and currently have over 32.000 subscribers. 90% of my discoveries are made by ‘trial and error’ via listening, so it’s mostly my ‘trained’ ear rather than having to resort to third party blogs, lists, reviews, charts, etc. I pride myself on being able to ‘pluck out’ tracks performed by musicians that ‘grab’ me in some way. Typically, the diamonds in the rough and the ‘unexpectables’. I sometimes even receive material from artists themselves. Always welcome!  My taste varies but I prefer the Folk and Indierock/pop genres. I also enjoy discovering and assisting singer-songwriters (English pronunciation & song texts/lyrics, which I myself am ‘dabbling’ in at the moment). Their music and voices have a depth and emotion you scarcely encounter via commercial radio/tv. I not only listen to music, I digest it.

Although I strongly urge readers/listeners to purchase music and support the artist(s) featured by buying their music and art lawfully and attending live performances whenever possible, it is my strong opinion that music should be made readily accessible to the greater public, and that all promotion is good promotion as long as it benefits the artists in some (small) way. Having said that, I give credit where credit’s due and expect my listeners/readers/followers to do the same. Not just for my sake mind you, but more for the sake of fellow blogs/creative persons, music feeds/sources, (indie)PR-agents, etc. Helps give them/musicians the recognition they deserve.

So without further ado, sit back and enjoy the (musical) ride!

Notice: Reviews/write ups via request only (or as I myself deem noteworthy)
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